Letters of Distinction // Custom Love (and Other) Letters

Oh, the lost art of the letter.

One of the most beautiful things in life - heading to your mailbox and finding a handwritten letter in it. Even better, a handwritten letter and an illustrated homemade card. Alas, many people are just far too lazy these days to put that kind of effort in anymore it seems like. Even taking the time to respond to a text is too much for some folks (and this isn't a rant about how people are cowardly and afraid of real interaction, but that's a thing too). A real letter though? That takes dedication and time and sustained energy? That's something special. Truly special.

Over the past decade I've written about a fifteen hundred letters and postcards. About 2/3 of those were to people I knew (family, friends, significant others). The other 1/3 were to individuals and organizations - people I'd barely interacted with (if at all), but felt compelled to share some important thoughts with. Be that a letter to Honey Bunches of Oats about how they've made a terrible choice with their promotional campaign (you're telling me that they never thought us Honey Bunches of Parade Floats and teaming up with Disney for that? Fools...) or a note to someone sitting alone who looks like they need cheering up - they've been a great deal of fun to write, and a lot of fun to share.

These letters have always been a labor of love and a source of entertainment, but realizing more and more that folks are veering wildly away from meaningful interaction, it has become something more to me. A source of sanity, a way to keep connections at a much deeper level than the embarrassing choice to just tap on a phone to let someone know I like the thing they did. Yes, it means more work, and fewer 'connections' - but as educators like to obnoxiously quip, it's about depth, not breadth.

This post is to serve as a notice that Letters of Distinction is back in business - you can hire me to write a letter for you. Be it a love or hate letter, a poem or a stream of consciousness rant. You have something you want to say? Clarify with me the purpose of the letter, pay the negligible fee, and in less than a week, a letter will be delivered to the recipient of your choice - bringing them joy (or something else, if you so choose).

If you're interested, just be in touch - you'll be glad you did!